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We play with standard spin electricity from 99 to 501 volts. We accept less but nothing more!. If you need a new spin, or to fix the old one, change your bulblight, or install one we are perfect for this! Don't be worried if you find out we have spiky hair!
P.S.: We also can connect your electric device to a line, new or old, check if something it's not working and why, reconfigurating your electric pannel or making a new one. If it involves wires and ↯ electric sparkles ↯, we can do that!

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We are also good on playing with low powers and we love cables with more than 5 wires inside. They are so colorfull! Oh, and best part is the fiberoptic cable/wire! It has light inside, colorfull joifull light! And that's not all! It can provide data with the speed of light! and we know how to manage this part! And, let's get serious! How can someone survive without INTERNET?!

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Another great thing we love to play with is lights inside your home! Well, just as much as we are there to install a smart system to control your lights, temperature, spins, windows shutters (stores), and even water. You can do that by using a button (wel, that's not new), using your phone or voice. We hope we get to the point you do that just by thinking of it! Well, in the meantime you can train your system to do things for you.
"Good morning MASTER. Your coffee will be ready in 9 seconds."

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We wont use a lock to secure your home or office. But in case you chose that solution, we can provide you with an alarm system, to scare the thievs, or some cameras to see who stole your things. In the other case, we managed to bring SMART SYSTEMS on this side, so you can use a card or a remote control to open a door or a gate. Or even better, you can do that with your phone, finger print or scanning your eye! Hmmm, how about a system that can recognise your face and voice? I don't think that it's a verry good idea.

If you want to see some of our work based on SECURITY SYSTEMS click here


Sometimes people don't need only wireing. They need to get confortable when they have everything on the touch of their fingers and electricity do stuff for them. And because they got ECO² (ecological and economical) on the electrical side, and they still have problems controling heat reason being bad thermal insulation, they ask us to do something about. Here is where we developed a team for that. And because we will coat your home, we will repaint it, we will install new floors, and everything that it's needed to get you confortable. And don't forget about the plants!

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So you changed everything in your home but your pipes are still noisy, and your walls are still soacked in water? You should ask us to fix this problem too, because we are able to do this. It's not to late, because you are just planing to renew your house. Or you need a new watter heating system, a pool filter, an irigating system for your lovely plants. Anything that involves watter & pipes, we can take care of it! And we can combine that with everything we mentioned before! We can do smart showers, smart irigating systems, and smart filters for your pool! Even if it doesent sounds good, we are able to combine water, electricity and data, to get exactly what you need in a secure way.

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Because we enjoy so much plaing with electricity and wires, we started to create our own systems. we have modules like BERO for heat control, OOPPAD for access control, and we work to involve voice control, face recognition and AI (artificial inteligence), so your system will addapt automatically to your needs (ex: play some music for you depending on your mood, wake you up in the morning by lighting up your lights slowly, open your stores or start your cooffee machine). We named it Project ANA (based on this story)

If you want to see what's Project ANA about click here

You can write us a virtual letter and send it to contact[at]wireit.eu.
You can also call us at 07 53 83 06 90, 00 00 00 00 00 or 00 00 00 00 00.
Our coffee drinking place is at 18 rue Goubet in Paris 19.

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